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HCL Junior Educational Laptop for 1849 Rs (Market Price 2649 Rs)

HCL Junior Educational Laptop for 1849 Rs (Market Price 2649 Rs)The HCL Junior Educational Laptop helps your children to enhance their several skills like creativity, problem solving, sharing and reading. Educational laptops are entertaining, fun and knowledgable for your kids. All different kind of activities attracts your kids to use this laptop more often. Your loved ones will develop their knowledge while having fun using this laptop.

Product Features :

  •     This 88 Activity Junior Educational Laptop comes with a Mouse.
  •     Has a friendly voice feature to help guide the child. It provides negative and positive feedback. When the child touches an incorrect answer, the voice feature responds
  •     It has various levels to keep challenging the child – If the words or sums being presented appear too easy, the child or the parent can choose between multiple levels of difficulty
  •     It has a complete musical keyboard for your child to learn the musical notes and also play his own band.
  •     Smart & easy to carry: it’s a Stylish educational junior laptop with 88 Activities with full functional Mouse Can be taken anywhere and used wherever you want. It comes with mouse, which gives it a real look.
  •     User friendly Technology: If you’re keen to introduce your child to technology and academic fundamentals, this fantastic Intellective learning laptop For Kids is just what you’re after
  •     LCD, Speaker & Working Mouse: Sharp & clear LCD screen, proper speaker for clear sound output. To select activity in laptop working mouse is there.
  •     Knowledge Activity: Complete with 88 activities and games to encourage fundamental learning in key areas such as English, mathematics and music, this computer offers a fun way for a child to learn via completing various games and activities on the LCD screen via use of computer controls.
  •     Since it has a QWERTY keyboard, thus helps familiarize your child with a real computer keyboard.
  •     It is easy to maintain – It is made of durable, child-safe plastic that does not break easily. It is also easily cleaned using a damp cloth
  •     Age Recommendation: Above 3 Years

Technical Details :

  •     Laptop Screen Size: 10.3 x 5.5 Cm
  •     Batteries Required for laptop: 4 AA size Battery
  •     No of Activities : 88 Activities

Benefits of this Product :

  •     Helps the child sharpen his skills
  •     Helps the child learn how to follow instructions through the voice functions
  •     Makes learning of the English language and simple mathematics, a fun activity and keeps the child busy in a useful, learning-oriented activity
  •     Helps build the child’s hand-eye coordination and memory skills
  •     Helps familiarize the child with a computer keyboard

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