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Wonderchef Kitchen Set for 2191 Rs (Market Price 4650 Rs)

Wonderchef Kitchen Set for 2191 Rs (Market Price 4650 Rs)Main item Configuration

Wonderchef Diamond Coated Pan Set with Free Recipe Booklet and 2-Anti-Bacterial Chopping Mats plus Silicone Spatuala and Silicone Spoon worth Rs.750 /-

Main item/Add component size

“• 26 cm Wok
• 26 cm Frying Pan
• Anti Spill glass Lid-26cm”

Main item/Add component density/weight/strength

Product Weight – 3Kg

Main item/Add component Material


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Feature Description

“Diamond Coated Pans have the Best non-stick coating available in India. The secret lies in Diamond Powder mixed in the coating, layered over Titanium base.

6 layers of coating both from inside & outside ensure low oil cooking and also easy cleaning.


1. Diamond Coating :
Diamond is hardest substance known to man. That’s why we use Diamond Dust in the non-stick coating, to make it hard, scratch resistant and long-lasting.
2. 6 layers Diamond coating on both sides :
The Diamond Pan has 6 layers of coating on inside and 6 layers on outside. So you can cook great low-fat food, at the same time the pans are so easy to clean, and look beautiful for years to come.
3. Anti–Spill glass Lid
Anti-Spill toughened glass Lid ensures the steam is released evenly and water does not overflow while boiling

Diamond Pans come in the perfect size for your home, large enough for a family of 4 to 5 persons.

• 26 cm Wok
• 26 cm Frying Pan
• Anti Spill glass Lid-26cm

Company/Brand Introduction
“Wonderchef’ is Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s company, which promotes to Indian Homemakers a unique range of cookware, kitchen tools and accessories carefully handpicked by Chef himself from the best companies in the world. Wonderchef products will bring healthy yet tasty cooking with our range of Cookware, Bakeware and unique products. Enable the Indian home maker to cook tastier, healthier food conveniently.
From the Master Chef Himself
Aap sabko Sanjeev Kapoor ka pyar bhara namaskar…………
For years I have done my shows and written my books with one thought in mind–to empower the woman by enabling her to cook better. Apart from the recipe a very important element in cooking well is the quality of the cookware, kitchen tools used in your kitchen. To enable you to cook tasty and healthy food more conveniently Wonderchef brings best brands from the world.

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