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Timex Ironman Digital Watch for 2656 Rs (Market Price 2945 Rs)

Timex Ironman Digital Watch for 2656 Rs (Market Price 2945 Rs)A powerful name and power-packed features – very few brands of sportswear watches enjoy the kind of branding that the Ironman range from Timex has. Ironman range of watches have always been a favorite of endurance athletes since its inception more than a decade ago. These watches provide dependable training technology for athletes, both amateur and professional. Recent refurbishments in design and technology has made this watch one that is in its own class.

This Timex Ironman watch employs a cutting-edge digital mechanism and is essentially intended to be sportswear. This watch from the famed Ironman series can be worn by both men and women. Who says you have to look sweaty and scruffy when you are training for sport? With this Ironman watch, your running shorts now have the perfect accessory.

Body and Design

This unisex Timex Ironman Digital watch has streamlined body which looks better than other clunky watches. The contemporary dial makes it easier to see the numbers, both from near and from a distance. The resin strap of the watch is built to withstand strain and pressure. Say goodbye to multifunctional watches which look geeky; this watch sports a color combination that not only exudes rugged sportiness but also looks good with any outfit. Pair this watch with your sports gear; but even if you aren’t a sportsperson, this watch goes perfectly well with your casuals.

Functions and Other Features

This watch from Timex is an example of the amount of technology and time that goes into producing a world-class timekeeping device; pamper the techie in you with this watch which is jam-packed with features. This unisex Timex Ironman Digital watch has a 100-hour chronograph which has the ability to record laps and also split the lap timing. This watch is every sportsperson’s dream with a 100 lap memory recall, 9 interval timers and a dated training log. It also stores workouts by date making it easier for you to gauge your progress in the long run and work on your areas of weakness.

The exclusive Timex Indiglo Night-Light keeps the dial lighted during those dark nights of camping when every small resource counts. The all-day Indiglo display ensures that, regardless of the circumstances, the dial never becomes unreadable to you. The watch also has a date display built into the dial. The alarm on the watch has five different settings; if you are the kind of person who snoozes or one who needs alarms for a dozen different tasks, this can become your go-to watch.

A dependable watch is one that can withstand all sorts of damage from the elements of nature, more so when it is one that is branded as being suitable for adventure sports. This watch from the Ironman series is water-resistant to a depth of 100 m; enjoy your kayak and canoe rides through exciting rapids with no worries.

Additional Features

This Timex watch has night mode features which enable you to use the watch just as efficiently in the dark. This is very important for athletes as they cannot be picky about when they train. The watch also has several ways of organising your laps like recording your best lap and calculating your average lap. Set goals for yourself and push to break your own records; the best sports people consider their own selves to be their biggest competition. This watch can also store your total segment time including the dates and this gives you exact details about what your training was like each single day. If you are not an athlete and just love gadgets, this watch could be a dream come true with its plethora of useful applications. Juggling schedules between two countries or travelling abroad for an extended period? This Timex watch also has the capability to show two time zones along with the date as well. Do not bother about any complicated calculations and the universally confusing GMT, a glance at your watch tells you all you need to know. When you strap on this Timex Ironman Digital watch, you certainly feel ready for action.

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