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SuperTooth Crystal In Car Speaker Phone for 3125 Rs (Market Price 6250 Rs)

SuperTooth Crystal In Car Speaker Phone for 3125 Rs (Market Price 6250 Rs)The SuperTooth Crystal is a stylish Bluetooth in-car speakerphone. The device links through Bluetooth with your phone, so that you can stay connected without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Features of SuperTooth Crystal:

Zero installation:

SuperTooth Crystal connects wirelessly to your phone through Bluetooth and does not require any installation. Simply attach it to the sun visor in your car and enjoy hands-free calling on the go.Â

Stylish Design:

The SuperTooth Crystal boasts of an ultra-sleek design and stylish finish which can complement the interiors of any car. It has user-friendly operation with big buttons for easy access to the key commands.

Stay connected round the clock:

Never lose touch with your loved ones while travelling by car. The SuperTooth Crystal has an efficient Li-Ion battery that provides up to 20 hours of hands-free talk time or 40 days of standby time after a 3-hour charging. When the battery gets low, the SuperTooth Crystal beeps as an indication.

Multipoint Technology:

SuperTooth Crystal supports multipoint technology so that you can connect your personal and business mobile phone simultaneously. This way you never have to miss a call, whether personal or official.

Intelligent Speakerphone:

SuperTooth Crystal boasts of fully automatic pairing feature, so that you do not have to get into the hassles of manual connection every time you drive. It will automatically reconnect to your phone as you enter the car and close the door. To confirm, it gives a beep after a successful reconnection.

Keep tabs on battery life:

When you connect the SuperTooth Crystal with your phone, you can also keep a check on its battery. For example, in iPhones the battery status is automatically displayed in the status bar.

GPS friendly device:

SuperTooth Crystal works as your voice navigator as well as your personal music player. The Bluetooth A2DP feature enables the device to stream music directly from compatible handsets. If your phone is Bluetooth A2DP-enabled, you can receive turn-by-turn directions from SuperTooth Crystal as well.

Installation Procedure:

The SuperTooth Crystal has an extremely easy installation. Place the clip of the speakerphone on the sun visor, so that the microphone is directed towards the mouth of the user. Once the clip is positioned correctly, place the SuperTooth Crystal onto the clip.Â

About The Brand:

SuperTooth came up with the concept of Bluetooth in-car speakerphone to be fitted on the sun visor in 2004. Based in France, today the company has made its presence felt in over 40 countries. Thanks to SuperTooth, you can make hands-free calls to your friends and family while on the move, listen to music without any hassles and even follow vocal navigation instructions easily.

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