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Samsung GW731KD-S Grill Microwave for 6199 Rs (Market Price 7490 Rs)

Samsung GW731KD-S Grill Microwave for 6199 Rs (Market Price 7490 Rs)

The Samsung GW731KD-S is a grill microwave oven which allows you to cook a variety of dishes and makes your cooking process simple. This Samsung microwave oven has a capacity of 20 litres.

The Samsung microwave oven is a power saving appliance which consumes 1100 W and has an output of 750 W. The maximum cooking time in this microwave oven is 100 minutes. The Samsung microwave oven has 44 Auto Cook Menus which makes your cooking faster, saving time and effort. With a single touch of a button, you can get a variety of dishes including popcorn, grilled chicken, fried potatoes and noodles within a few minutes.


The Samsung GW731KD-S has an epoxy cavity which has a smooth finish. This cavity makes your cleaning process easy and quick. This microwave oven does not occupy much space with its 489 x 275 x 338 mm dimensions. The Samsung GW731KD-S microwave oven weighs 12 kg.


This appliance is ideal to make idlis, grilled chicken and popcorn. You can switch to a healthy diet by cooking food with little or no oil in this microwave. The Samsung GW731KD-S has cooking functions with 6 power levels. In this Samsung microwave oven, you can defrost or warm up frozen food in no time by setting auto defrost function. The triple distribution system in this microwave oven has an antenna which helps cook every part of your food evenly. The Samsung microwave oven also has 2 additional slot antennas, which allow even distribution of waves, cooking your dishes perfectly.

The Samsung GW731KD-S microwave oven has an LED light which helps you read the instructions and the time in the clock. The clock system in this microwave keeps you on an alert about the cooking countdown. The turntable allows the hot air to enter your food and gives you perfectly cooked dishes. The Samsung microwave oven has membrane type controls where the keys are together and not separated. This control keys helps you to operate the appliance conveniently.

The push type button on this Samsung GW731KD-S opens the door to place or remove food from the microwave oven. Even after you have set the timings for cooking dishes, you also have an option of setting 30 seconds extra. The Samsung microwave oven has a child lock button which sets the microwave in such a way that no functions will work and no cooking can be done. This feature protects your children from accidentally using the microwave.

  • Power Saving
  • Slim Fit
  • 44 Auto Cook Recipes
  • Child Lock
  • Triple Distribution System

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