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Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB for 31419 Rs (Market Price 36000 Rs)

Samsung Galaxy S3 32GB for 31419 Rs (Market Price 36000 Rs)Designed For Humans: Samsung GALAXY S III just gets us. Little things, like staying awake when you look at it and keeping track of loved ones. designed for humans, it goes beyond smart and fulfills your needs by thinking as you think, acting as you act.

  • 4.8 HD Super AMOLED: This is what we call seeing reality. 4.8 inches of high definition display and vivid viewing experience. With true colours and ultrafast response times, HD video playback is outrageously sharp. Its also incredibly energy efficient and amazingly thin.
  • Best photo: Samsung GALAXY S III knows your best look, making sure you never miss a smile or catch someone when theyre blinking. It automatically takes a burst of 8 to make a continuous scene and will choose the best one of the bunch for you.
  • Pop up play: Doing things simultaneously on Samsung GALAXY S III s 4.8 HD Super AMOLED screen is easy and fun. With Pop up play and the powerful Quad core Processor, you can watch an HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously. Resize video, drag it to where you want on the screen, and chat with your friends or surf the web. Dont miss any of the action.
  • Smart Alert: When you pick up your phone, wouldnt it be nice if it let you know what has been happening since youve been gone? Samsung GALAXY S III knows you came back and gives you a brief vibrating nudge to inform you about missed calls and new messages. How thoughtful is that?
  • Smart stay: With the innovative Smart stay feature, Samsung GALAXY S III automatically recognises when you are looking at the phone, whether it is to read an e-book or browse the web. The front camera looks deep into your eyes and maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure. What a bright idea.
  • S Beam: Sharing your content with friends nearby should be easy, quick, and even fun. S Beam lets you bond instantly so you can transfer documents, contacts, pictures, music, videos, Just put the backs of your phones together, connect, share and enjoy.

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