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Samsung 32 Inch 3D LED TV 32ES6200 for 43006 Rs (Market Price 50900 Rs)

Samsung 32 Inch 3D LED TV 32ES6200 for 43006 Rs (Market Price  50900 Rs)

  • True 3D experience in a whole new light
  • The Samsung LED TVs have created an entirely new and immersive viewing experience when it comes to home entertainment. With the latest 3D imaging technology, you will be completely immersed in a new world of TV viewing reality.
    Enjoy apps, videos, Skype, web browsing and more
  • Discover a new world of social and personalised home entertainment with Samsungs updated Smart Hub and three great new services. Family Story lets you share special photos, messages and events with loved ones. Meanwhile, children can stay entertained and educated with the Kids feature. You can also exercise and manage your training using Fitness. With access to great content as well as a selection of Samsung Apps, web browsing, Skype and more, this is the ultimate family home entertainment experience.
    More vibrant colours for better images
  • Using an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsungs Wide Colour Enhancer Plus drastically improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. Now see colours as they were meant to be seen with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus.
    Discover a new reality in Full HD
  • Enjoy a greater level of home entertainment realism than ever before. Thanks to a resolution twice as high as standard HD TVs, your Samsung Smart TV delivers a breathtaking viewing experience that takes you beyond the screen into a world of total immersion. When youve seen the rich and vivid texture of Full HD images, your favourite TV programmes and movies will never be the same again. Discover reality with a full high definition experience.
    Designed for maximum appeal
  • Samsungs One Design maximises the viewing experience as well as enhances your home interior. One Design elegantly combines the LED TVs bezel with its panel to remove any barriers from a seamless viewing experience.
    Stay in closer contact with great widescreen Skype video calls
  • Stay in touch with friends and family from the comfort of your home thanks to the Skype app for Smart TV, available for free in the Samsung App store. Combined with the separately-sold Skype camera kit, it allows you to make high-quality widescreen video calls to loved ones throughout the world at low rates or even for free. You can create new Skype accounts, access existing ones and navigate using your TVs remote control. Be closer with face-to-face communication.
    Access the Internet without wires
  • With Wireless LAN Built-in, streamline your TVs connectivity capabilities without adding more external devices and maintain its attractive design.
    Watch movies from your USB
  • With ConnectShare Movie, simply plug your USB memory drive into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. Now, you can experience a wide variety of content in the comfort of your living room on your TV.
    Wirelessly access and stream your content
  • Make the most of all your content and devices with wireless sharing. Thanks to AllShare Play, you can stream movies, photos, music and more from any compatible devices nearby, including PCs. Cloud technology and Samsung web storage give you even greater freedom and mobility, allowing you to access and share multimedia when youre away from home, too. Now you can enjoy all your favourite content on your TV or away from it.
    A TV prepared for surges, lighting and humidity
  • Ensure you can enjoy your entertainment without worry, whatever your environment. Thanks to the Samsung TVs Triple Protector, your TV is designed to maintain operation even in the most challenging or unstable conditions. The robust enhanced inner circuit is protected against electrical surges and lightning as well as humidity. Choose a television that can cope with difficult conditions so that youll be able to enjoy great viewing without inconvenience.
    Bringing a full multimedia experience into your living room
  • With High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs, the Samsung TV will transform your living room into a multimedia entertainment centre. HDMI provides high-speed transmission of high definition digital data from multiple devices straight into your TV.
    A new standard for motion clarity
  • Samsung”s Clear Motion Rate is able to generate clear, moving images through a combination of three factors: chipset, TV panel, and backlight. This new measure in motion control produces the clearest motion graphics through the backlight technology in the TVs panel.

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