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Philips Grooming Kit QG3030/10 for 1618 Rs (Market Price 1995 Rs)

Philips Grooming Kit QG303010 for 1618 Rs (Market Price 1995 Rs)Philips QG3030 is a foil type dry trimmer that has been designed to give men a smooth trimming experience every time. The trimmer reaches out to those contoured edges removing your hair and giving you a well-defined beard.

 Philips QG3030 has a full size trimmer that can treat your stubble, moustaches as well as sideburns efficiently. The trimmer has a rounded tip that prevents any kind of damage caused to the skin while in action. This trimmer needs no lubrication for maintenance.


The QG3030 dry trimmer from Philips comes with a charging stand so that you do not need to worry on where to place your device while charging. You can place it on the stand and let it gain power for your next trim. The trimmer can also be used cordless making it portable and easy to handle without having any hassle of wire entanglement.

This electric trimmer can be used in any dry conditions according to your needs. The Philips trimmer offers an option to personalize the length settings so that you can trim hair in an effective way. There are 9 position beard and moustache comb with secured length settings that can trim from 2mm to 18mm depending on what length you need.


This foil trimmer from Philips is ergonomically designed as you can grip over it easily. This trimmer has sharper edges that ensure that the cutter gives out faster and improved results each time you use. The Philips QG3030 trimmer for men has special nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer. This completes your trimming regime as now you can also get rid of those odd hairs sprouting out of your ear, nose or set your eyebrow hair. There is also a beard and moustache comb that will help you to add a dash of style after trimming.


The QG3030 men’s trimmer runs on NiMH battery and needs a power source of 100-240 V to charge. This means the device comes with an automatic worldwide voltage that makes it convenient for you to carry it wherever they go. The trimmer completely charges in 10 hours and then gives a run time of 35 minutes giving you an uninterrupted trim.

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