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Patanjali Badam Pak 1 Kg for 350 Rs (Market Price 450 Rs)

Patanjali Badam Pak 1 Kg for 350 Rs (Market Price 450 Rs)Patanjali Badam Pak is highly useful for the general health of the body. Made of pure organic almonds, regular intake of Badam Pak will keep the body free of diseases. Patanjali Badam Pak helps in fighting various diseases like heart diseases, diabetes. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, full of nutrients, anti-oxidant, help in brain development. Almonds can also keep a control on the blood pressure and protect the heart and maintain the sugar level. Badam Pak by Patanjali is also very good for hair growth and keeps the skin fresh and glowing. Organically grown almonds are used to make this Badam Pak. This can be consumed all through the year. Badam Pak also helps in the strengthening the immunity system of the body. Regular intake of Patanjali Badam Pak will surely help in combating life style diseases like as obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. This can also be a perfect snack for those who are weight conscious. Almonds being rich in zinc, Badam pak also helps to promote high quality semen.

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