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Panasonic TH-L32E5D 32 inches LED TV for 33899 Rs (Market Price 46000 Rs)

Panasonic TH-L32E5D 32 inches LED TV for 33899 Rs (Market Price 46000 Rs)Televisions, ranging from the more commonly seen CRT televisions to plasma flat-screen televisions and LCD displays, have conquered and has become a part of every common household. Panasonic brings to you the TH-L32E5D, a feature packed, stylishly designed full HD television that is assured to transform your TV viewing experience to one like never before.

Design and Features

The TH-L32E5D from Panasonic is an LED television from their E5 series. The slim screen of this television has a size of 32 inches. The screen supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that plays all of your favourite movies, TV shows, music videos and more, all in high definition. The TV can be connected to the internet by means of LAN and Wireless Ready.

Full HD Support – The massive 32 inch screen of this television makes all your favourite movie stars and superheroes come to life in front of your eyes, owing to its full HD support feature. The maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 provides you with a picture clarity and refinement like no other.

Internet Support – You can connect your Panasonic TH-L32E5D to the Internet using a LAN connection or by using Wireless Ready. With this feature, you can directly stream music videos, audio files and even movies directly from YouTube.

The net weight of the Panasonic TH-L32E5D full HD television, inclusive of the stand, is 11 kg. The dimensions of the television are 76.4 x 51.9 x 23 cm.

Audio and Video

This savvy, masterpiece of a home appliance from Panasonic, the TH-L32E5D, features two built-in speakers. The sound technology used in Dolby Pulse with V-Audio ProSurround. The total speaker power output RMS of this 32 inch television is 20 W. The 3D real sound system of the TH-L32E5D combined with the HD display brings to you the ultimate home theatre experience within the comfort zone of your living room.

IPS LED LCD Panel – The Panasonic TH-L32E5D LED 32 inch Full HD Television makes use of an IPS LED LCD panel for ease of use and added convenience.


The TH-L32E5D features 4 HDMI inputs on all four sides along with 2 USB drives. Direct streaming of videos and more from the internet is made possible through a LAN connection or by means of Wireless Ready.

The power requirement for this television from Panasonic is AC 110 – 240 V. The power consumption of the television is 68 W in operational mode and 0.25 W in standby mode. Guaranteed to keep you entertained through movies, television shows, HD gaming experiences, the Panasonic TH-L32E5D makes for an extremely efficient, value-for-money buy.

Key Features

  • Full HD Support
  • Internet Support
  • 32 inch LED Display
  • 4 HDMI Ports (Side)
  • IPS LED LCD Panel

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