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Nintendo DS Lite for 6831 Rs (Market Price 7990 Rs)

Nintendo DS Lite for 6831 Rs (Market Price 7990 Rs)You can visit the adventure hungry Mario Bros or live the life of an Assassin as you wait for bus or travel in the local train. Affordable and high-performing, the Nintendo DS Lite handheld console lets you carry a fascinating gaming experience in your pocket. Portable and compact, this console is built for the passionate gamer on-the-go. This Nintendo gaming console is run by two processors, 67 MHz ARM9 and 33 MHz ARM7, letting you play your favorite games with speed and accuracy. The DS Lite handheld console is perfectly capable of playing 2D and 3D graphic games.

Body Features

Weighing a mere 215.5 g, this Nintendo DS Lite gaming console is aptly named. Pocket-friendly with dimensions of 132 x 73.6 x 22.9 mm, this compact console is an ideal companion for long journeys. The Nintendo DS Lite gaming console has a clamshell form factor dividing the device into two halves, housing 2 vertically tiered screens, speakers and the controls. The durable and firm outer body of the DS Lite console protects the device from bumps and falls.

To further enhance the overall gaming experience, the Nintendo DS Lite features dual display screens. The screens split the gaming display in two by showcasing settings, maps, powers on one screen while you play away on the other. With resolutions of 256 x 192 pixels and showing 262,144 colors, the 3 inch TFT LCD screens makes 2D and 3D gaming a sure treat. Another advantage of the DS Lite’s display is the touchscreen feature, which lets you game with a fashionable stylus. The back of the console has a provision to hold the stylus, thus keeping it safe and readily accessible.

While not using the touchscreen, you can use the standard face buttons (X, Y, A and B) for controls and the 4 way D-pad for navigation. The lower right-side of an open DS Lite also holds the Select and Start keys. You also have the essential left and right trigger located at the respective top corners. This portable gaming device from Nintendo also has dedicated ports for headphones and the adapter.

The Nintendo DS Lite gaming console runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that gives you up to 5 – 8 hours of game time on the brightest screen setting. On a lowest brightness level, you can expect a whopping 15 – 19 hours of run time. To charge the battery fully, connect the DS Lite to a power supply for merely 3 hours. An intuitive interface, plethora of games and wireless technology make for an exciting and interesting game play.


Multi-player games are twice as much fun. The Nintendo DS Lite is Wi-Fi compatible, letting you use a local wireless setup nearby to pair up with Nintendo DS players within a vicinity of 30 -100 feet. Alternatively, you can connect with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and team up on interesting multi-player games with gamers across the globe.

You can enjoy in-game music and theme tracks as the inner top half of the device ships with powerful stereo speakers on either side of the screen. Located between the two screens, an inbuilt microphone feature lets you enjoy special games that work on voice prompts and sound inputs.

A major advantage of the Nintendo DS Lite is its backward compatibility. This handy device supports almost all single-player Game Boy Advance games packs as well as the DS Games cards. This feature gives you the option of playing a variety of games.

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