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LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 for 71390 Rs (Market Price 86000 Rs)

LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 for 71390 Rs (Market Price 86000 Rs)The search for an affordable high performance TV for your home ends with the LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200. Packed with advanced features and stylish design, this 42-inch 3D LED from LG ensures you premium 3D TV viewing experience with more fun and excitement.

Display and Picture Quality

This LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 sports a 42 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The EDGE LED backlighting technology improves the contrast range and reproduces crisp images by displaying the original pictures without any blurring or distortion. It also has an IPS Display that has an Advanced LED LCD Panel to give you better and enhanced display.

You can also control the depth of the 3D while seeing the pictures displayed with the 3D Depth Control function.Usually your eyes strain and get watery while watching movies on the conventional 3D TV. It gets difficult to watch movie or see the television for a long time. With this LG TV you can watch your favourite shows, movies, etc for as long as you want as it is a Flicker Free TV giving comfort to your eyes while seeing anything on it.

Sound Clarity

Just having 3D TV is not enough. A 3D TV with 3D Sounds is what makes it complete. With the 3D sound Zooming function you can hear the voice crisp, clear and every detail of the speech. Experience the best sound clarity with the LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200. Enabled with Clear Voice II listening is a better experience. It consists of 2 built in speakers which produce a power of 10W each. It also has the Virtual Sound Surround and Dolby Digital Decoder.

Home Dashboard

This beautifully designed LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 comes with the simplest, easiest and most customizable UI. With this Smart TV’s Home Dashboard you will experience a new look, design that comes with more ease and room for customization.

Universal Search

Search anything you wish to see or wish to know about. The Universal Search allows you to search anything by just entering the keyword and it will bring the plethora of information from the data it has or it can get from. It will search the entire VOD content, the material broadcasted and all online videos. Enrich your entertainment with the unique search function enabled in this LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200.

Dual Play

This is a unique feature in the LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 that allows two players at the same time without the need to have different screens or split screen for more than one player. Enjoy playing games with your friend on this wide and huge screen experiencing new way to have fun and enjoy. It is quite different than the conventional TV’s.


This TV is enabled with HDMI port that allows you to connect to compatible devices to enjoy 3D movies or high-end graphic games with more excitement and fun. This LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 also has high speed LAN connectivity. Other connectivity features include one each of AV in, Digital Audio Out, RF in, Component In, RGB in, PC Audio Input.

3 Mode Magic Motion Remote Control allows you to control your TV with the pointing gesture and Wheel features which makes connecting to the TV easy and simple. The Smart Share allows you browse the internet and share in the external devices like the Laptop, Tablet, PC, Smartphones, etc. So now there is no need to copy the data or file to a CD and then transfer to other devices. It makes life simple, easy and fun.

Social Center

With the Wi-Fi, Wi-Di and DLNA net connectivity gets easy and fast. With SNS feature in the TV you can be active on your social network sites and chat with your friends the way you do with your Smartphone. You can do this while watching TV, which means you can chat and watch your favourite TV at the same time.

Other Features

LG 3D LED TV 42LM6200 is one of the smartest 3D LED TV choices today. It comes with comfortable and smart 3D glasses that give you an exclusive experience of seeing pictures with 3D effect. These 3D glasses are light, battery free, and economical.

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