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LG 32LS3300 32 inches LED TV for 25999 Rs (Market Price 36000 Rs)

LG 32LS3300 32 inches LED TV for 25999 Rs (Market Price 36000 Rs)When buying a television, there are numerous factors that you sort through to reach that one perfect viewing appliance that suits your needs the best. For instance, do you come to a conclusion based on the size of the display or do you give more importance to the latest technology that is built into the device? Or perhaps affordability plays a significant factor; whatever be your criteria for picking up the ideal television, the LG 32LS3300 television undoubtedly meets just your needs.

Design and Features

This extremely well-designed television comes from the stables of the world renowned South Korean brand, LG. The LG television features an LED 32 inch screen that is equipped with some of the latest technology and hardware that really aims to give you a viewing experience like none before. The 1366 x 768 pixel resolution screen that the 32LS3300 LG 32 inch television features is equipped with HD Ready. Due to this HD Ready feature, you can now watch your favourite movies and shows in the clarity and quality of 720p high definition.

The 32 inch 32LS3300 LED HDTV from LG is equipped with an IPS LED LCD PANEL that really is the source behind the television’s superior viewing angle and cleaner images. Moreover, the slim screen features EDGE LED backlight technology that helps deliver crystal-clear images and the most life-like colours ever. The advanced panel and LED backlight technology combine to give this HD LG 32 inch television a Motion Clarity Index of 100. This extremely high rating of motion clarity assures the viewer that fast paced action sequences and hard-core graphic demanding video games neither blur nor distorted when viewed or played.


If there is one thing that perfectly complements the high-tech display on the LED 32 inch HD television from LG, it is the equally superior sound system that the television is equipped with. The TV features a 1 Way 2 Speakers speaker system that is able to churn out an incredible 14 W of total speaker power output RMS, giving you a video and audio entertainment system that would have you engrossed and captivated for hours on end.


Sometimes, the signal quality of what you receive from your cable operator or set-top box just does not cut it. In these circumstances what you need is external compatibility to various HD storage and playback media. To meet just these requirements, the LG 32LS3300 LED 32 inch HD television is equipped with a USB 2.0 and HDMI slot. Using the USB slot, you can view stored movies that you have download and saved onto your pendrive as well as flip through your most cherished family photos in 32 inch HD clarity. In addition, if you are the kind of person who likes to kick their feet up over the weekend and enjoy console based games like Forza 4 or Call of Duty, the HDMI port that the television is equipped with gives you a HD gaming experience that will keep you immersed for a long, long time to come.

No doubt that the LG television makes for a very affordable way to get such a technologically sound entertainment system into your home. With features like Smart Energy Saving that equips you to switch off the display while yet listening to the audio and soundtracks of what you are watching, the designers have really thought of everything when designing what surely is a product that exceeds every one of your expectations. In other words, the LG television rather unsurprisingly makes for one of the most efficient entertainers out there in the market right now.

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