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LG 26LS3300 26 inches LED TV for 18990 Rs (Market Price 23500 Rs)

LG 26LS3300 26 inches LED TV for 18990 Rs (Market Price 23500 Rs)LG Corp. is one of South Korea’s largest multinational conglomerates and are known for manufacturing high quality and durable consumer electronics. The LG 26LS3300 Television has a stylish design and incorporates the best in television viewing technology. The 26LS3300 from LG is an LED television which uses Light-Emitting Diodes for the video display. This HD ready LG 26LS3300 can be used to watch high resolution videos or movies from devices such as a Blu-ray disc player or high-end gaming consoles.

The LG 26LS3300 LED HD Ready Television is designed to consume less electricity when compared to other contemporary televisions. The Smart Energy Saving Plus feature when combined with the LED technology drastically reduces the consumption of power. This LG television runs on a voltage of 100 to 240 V and only consumes 0.5 W in standby mode.


The 26LS3300 HD Ready Television from LG has a screen size of 26 inches which is good size for a mid-size room or bedroom. With a screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels images from your favorite sitcom or movies will be very clear, even in the dark. This 26 inch LED Television weighs just 4.7 kg without the stand, which makes it easy to move around without much difficulty. This lightweight television comes with a sturdy stand that is designed to occupy minimal space while providing exceptional support and balance. Without the stand, the LG 26LS3300 LED 26 inches HD Ready Television has dimensions of 627 × 402 × 30.1 mm and has a very sleek design. With soft curved edges and a classy base this LG television is a very good choice for the budget shopper.

Video and Audio

You will be amazed at the clarity the LG 26LS3300 HD Ready Television is able to deliver for your viewing pleasure. The processor in this LG 26 inch television has a Motion Clarity Index of 100 [MCI 100] which drastically reduces the blur in fast-moving pictures. LG’s detailed backlight scanning feature combined with advanced local dimming and a powerful engine play a large role in delivering crystal clear images and superb performance. Viewers have the option of selecting 3 screen modes namely Vivid, Standard and Cinema depending on the comfort level.

The average response time for the LG 26LS3300 LED Television is 10 ms and it features a dynamic contrast ratio of 4,000,000:1 for improved performance. The Advanced IPS LED LCD Panel reproduces images much better when compared to an LCD television. The sound quality of the two 5 W speakers is exceptional with various sounds modes like Mono, Stereo or Dual. Select depending on your comfort level if you want to watch your shows in Standard, Music or Cinema modes. The Clear Voice 2.0 technology automatically enhances the sound of human voices whenever the background noise swells which is a good feature when watching sporting events live. Never miss a word of the commentary even when the crowd at the stadium starts cheering.

Features and Connectivity

In this day and age, a television is only as good as the number of devices it can connect to. The LG 26LS3300 LED 26 inches HD Ready Television comes with an HDMI port and a USB port which allows you to connect high-end devices for easy viewing of data. Use the HDMI port to connect your desktop computer or your laptop to enjoy a larger screen. This feature allows you to use your computer to play games on a bigger screen without missing on a single thing. High-end gaming consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 also connect to the HDMI port to deliver an exceptional experience while gaming.

You also have the option of connecting a USB based device to the LG 26LS3300 LED 26 inch Television to view JPEG images stored inside on a bigger screen. You can also listen to your music by simply plugging in the USB device into the USB 2.0 port. A manual clock and sleep timer have been incorporated as added features to make your life a little easier.

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