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HCL ME K-28 Handheld Gaming Console for 698 Rs (Market Price 1890 Rs)

HCL ME K-28 Handheld Gaming Console for 698 Rs (Market Price 1890 Rs)Video gaming has been proven to improve concentration skill as well as increase attention span. This HCL ME – K28 handheld gaming console promises to entertain your boredom away with a variety of features at an affordable cost. You can enjoy any of the 28 interesting and engaging inbuilt games, even when you are standing at the bus stop or waiting for a friend at a coffee shop. Additionally, you can play these games on a big screen by simply plugging the HCL ME – K28 console to your TV set.

This portable device is light and slim enough to fit with ease in your pocket or bag. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of this console from HCL helps you get the most out of the gaming experience. The large buttons of the HCL ME – K28 gaming console combined with its ergonomic shape keep those crafty digits strain-free.

The right-hand side of the K28 handheld console holds the essential action keys, reset button and a turbo control key. The Start button doubles as a pause button, letting you stop a live game mid-way to attend tasks and come back to where you left off.

The left-hand side of this HCL gaming console bears a direction pad which lets you maneuver your way around the games. This side also houses the Power button that turns on this gadget. You can enjoy the theme music and audio effects of various games on the inbuilt speakers as well as control the volume to your requirement.

Key Features:

28 inbuilt games.

  • Connect the console to your TV set.
  • Light and slim enough to fit with ease in your pocket or bag.
  • Power button
  • Inbuilt speakers as well as control the volume .

Details of the Games:

The Set contains 28 amazing inbuilt games: those games are based on Action, Logic, Strategy, Racing, and Sports Activity.

  • And all the games are 16 Bit Graphics. So when you ply those games in console or through Television you will find high-end quality games.
  • Games are like Fire fighter, Jump Frog, Meet the meeting, Zippy Frog, Lighting Plan, Hanoi Tower, Seek the Resources, Bump Bomb, Finger dancing, On N Off, Busy Bong, Manic Troll, Go Home, Quick Move, Jewel Fever 2, The Lost World, Yummy, Pop Ball, Super Move Quest, Mr. Onion, Pinball Fish, Bump Jump, Make Way, Caddie, Jewel Master 2, Go Bang, Go Smile, Magic Jelly inbuilt in the Console.

Handheld Gaming Console Features:

16 Bit Graphics: The Gaming console Have 16 Bit high end graphics out. Due to that when you are playing you will get clear & sharp image output on screen

  • TFT screen: Handheld game console with color TFT screen gives clear & sharp display
  • Plug & Play TV Out option – through TV out cable you can connect your console to TV, where the TV screen will be display the game. Through the console you can play.
  • Earphone Slot: you can listen the game sound through the earphone
  • Built in Speakers: with clear & sharp sound output with volume control key
  • Size & comfort: Easy to handle size & shape. The Model has been designed for many hours of game-playing filled with fun. The product is well designed & easy to handle. It’s portable, thus can be carried anywhere you want.
  • Functional Keyes: Smooth & quick responds hot keys with 8 way direction pad
  • Auto Power OFF: The unit will auto power OFF when it’s not used for 3 minutes
  • This Gaming Console definitely stimulates faster responding sense in you
  • Color may vary as per availability.

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