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Andis MA1 PowerMaster Shaver for 1675 Rs (Market Price 3495 Rs)

Andis MA1 PowerMaster Shaver for 1675 Rs (Market Price 3495 Rs)The Andis MA1 PowerMaster Advanced Grooming Kit runs on the super-powerful EP6000 turbo motor. It is hence designed for fast, hassle-free and easy everyday grooming. It can be used from your head-to-toe for clipping, trimming and touch-ups. Use it to keep your beard and mustache well maintained or to trim off your body hair. The performance and speed of the powerful EP6000 turbo magnetic motor of the MA1 will leave you amazed. It works equally well on thick, heavy, curly, wet and dry hair.


The cutting mechanism of the Andis MA1 PowerMaster is so designed that the blade doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin, leaving you without the hassles of nicks and bumps. A taper control lever, which adjusts the blades to various textures and lengths, is located on the side of the clipper allowing for a simple change with the flick of a thumb. The super-powerful EP6000 magnetic motor works unbelievably fast and smooth letting you get rid of a headful of hair in a record time. In spite of the turbo power packed mechanism the Andis MA1 PowerMaster is quiet and smooth in operation.


The Andis MA1 PowerMaster Grooming Kit is packed in an ergonomically designed, rugged and tough plastic and chrome casing. The cutting mechanism is made out of surgical quality stainless steel leaving you worry free when it comes in contact with your skin. For complete styling flexibility, the PowerMaster comes with nine attachment combs ranging in size from 1/16″ to 1″ which allows you to choose the right length of hair for different parts of your face and body.


Andis MA1 PowerMaster Grooming Kit runs on a long-life EP6000 maintenance-free magnetic motor, which is reliable, powerful, and gives amazingly high blade speeds. This kind of a speed is useful for cutting hair of all kinds – fine to coarse easily. Precision built to run quiet and cool, it is perfect for high volume hair cutting and clipping. The maintenance-free motor requires no internal oiling and lasts for years because it carries fewer moving parts, which otherwise wear out easily.

The blade guard offers extra protection for sensitive skin. The Andis MA1 PowerMaster derives its power from the mains and gives you consistent performance all the time. The voltage required for it to function smoothly is 230 V.

  • Cleaning with Brush
  • Corded Trimmer
  • Floating Cutter
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Dry application
  • Thumb Control Lever
  • Adjustable Blades

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